Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HMT Created the Era for “Seamless LCD Video Wall”

HMT new product S.SI—1mm Seamless LCD Video wall launch in The 11th China Iternational Exhibition on Public Safety and Security.
1mm seamless LCD Video Wall

We won’t even know the joint from above image. As the first 1mm optics seamless LCD jointing in the world, the S.SI start the times of optics seamless liquid crystal jointing. S.SI attracted countless eyes after it launched. A picture will be a better illustrated.

Many viewers consult the technology, panel, units size and how many units we can splicing right now. The S.SI seamless LCD Video Wall adopted the technology of optical synthetic and electronic correction of image. Obviously, it’s a new milestone for seamless LCD video wall. Every units of this video wall it’s a 46 inch LCD panel, and we can make a 1*3 or 3*1 1mm seamless LCD Video wall right now. Of course, we will make a M*N 1mm LCD video wall some day.
HMT Stand

If you’ve read the introduction of HMT, you probably know that the panel HMT used always the industrial grade A+ panel from Samsung, LG and Sharp. It’s a great visual feast while you use the LCD video wall, LCD advertising player or LCD CCTV monitor produced by HMT.
Art of vsion is our brand culture. And we will try our best to give you a better visual feast.

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