Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Digital Signage consist and develop

Ever since the industrial revolution began businesses have always learned to market themselves through sign supplies as an advertising medium. However, billboard ads, streamers and logos were static advertising mediums not so long ago and advertisers compete by putting on as much color and design on it as they can. Soon came the neon fluorescent lamps that made advertising somewhat dynamic compared to the previous ones that came before it.
Now plasma screen, semi-holographic imaging displayed on walls and other surfaces as well as interactive media walls are replacing the old world sign supplies and turning into the digital signage.
Apparently, digital signage is an outstanding representative of them.
Businesses use digital signage to display advertising messages electronically. Operating from a computer terminal, the display can change daily, weekly or hourly. Digital signage can be very attractive and draw customers with cutting edge designs, colors and graphics.
Digital signage displays provide the advertiser with complete control over the message at all times. More attention is garnered by alternating an ad with news and entertaining video clips. Digital signage is being used to impart information at airports and shopping malls that is both informative and promotional. Changing sales can be advertised as they happen.
Split screens allow advertisers to transmit weather reports beside coming attractions. Large complexes such as hospitals and train stations can signal hall closings and train arrivals on digital signs. Commercial buildings can welcome and direct visitors. Digital signs work efficiently in hotels to announce meetings and conferences and to deliver emergency instructions in any setting.
Out of the software or operate system the digital signage can’t work. There are a number of different software programs that allow digital signage to be incorporated in a variety of ways. Business owners with waiting rooms can plug a digital signage program into their existing television sets and run ads, let customers know when their car is ready--or when it's their turn to see the dentist. The program displays directly on the TV screen while the shows are running. Other software for digital signage programs allows the users to create customized content that includes video and audio through a computer program.
Desktop management of the signage is easy with an integrated software system. Program the changes on the signs and upgrade the message at any time. A digital signage platform usually includes the tools to design the signs, schedule and deploy the messages, and monitor the system.
Besides the software, hardware is also very important to a digital signage. A digital player holds and plays the advertising message, and it is connected to the screen. Screens can range from small foot-long hanging signs to billboards, poster-size or freestanding marquees. Plasma, LCD and projector monitors can provide the format for digital signage. Speakers inside the monitor or attached to the player can add music to the display or talking ads that promote the advertisers.
Cameras can display live video feeds on digital signs at sporting events and concerts. Interactive kiosks and signs allow customers to touch the screen and receive directions or additional information. Wireless signage provides a medium for sending signals to any number of signs that do not need to be attached to the player.
Of course, the digital signage can be also called advertising player.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

LCD monitor used in the CCTV system

With the fast changing world and increasing nuisances like burglary, shoplifting, and vandalism, it is very important to monitor closely all the work and events happening in your home & workplace. For that simple reason their has been a huge uptick in the amount of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems being set all over the world. It is a great way to keep things in full view without having to be completely obvious to would be thieves.
With the ease of installing and the simple operation of security systems, CCTV has made its way into every corporate, industrial factory, bank, rail stations, home and other places. CCTV understands your need to be and feel secured.
CCTV Systems not only prevent thefts and damage to assets, it also provides proof in case any unwanted incident occurs. A CCTV system typically consists of the following components.
1. Cameras - dome cameras, day & night cameras, IP cameras and cameras featuring pan, zoom and tilt features.
2. DVR'S - that support 4, 8, 16 channel video. These devices record video footage to hard disk. They can be made to record continuously or when the camera detects some unusual movement. It includes remote monitoring and networking feature.
3. Monitors - for viewing video footage. These are available in an array of sizes and technologies. 17" and 19" are some of the commonly used monitor sizes. Of course, some command center used the video wall.
You need to watch the CCTV monitor day by day. Therefore, you need a right monitor to monitoring the real situation. And LCD CCTV monitor is a best bet. Compared to CRT monitor, LCD monitor takes up less space, small power consumption, Low Radiation, light weight, etc. And you can got quality LCD CCTV monitor from Highmight at a competitive price.
Prevention is better than cure. This proverb seems tailor-made for security and security related issues. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The use of CCTV monitor

LCD CCTV monitor

Whether you are at home or in business, security systems play an important role in our life. There are many sources of security but in this Information Technology era everything is hi-tech, including security systems.
And CCTV monitoring is one of the most common security systems. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. CCTV monitors stands for closed circuit television and refers to transmitting a signal to specific monitors. Simple CCTV monitors systems consist of a camera connected to a monitor with coaxial cable. The sets of the monitors who get the signal from a camera CCTV are specific and limited in scope. Unlike television, a security camera closed circuit television does not convey the airwaves.
Earlier they were used with the sole idea of law enforcement by the government bodies and at some places by the municipal councils to keep the city clean. Because CCTV monitoring has many applications, the advancement of time and technology and of course awareness among people, these were used widely. They can be easily installed at any place that has broadened its usability.
Now you will find CCTV cameras at almost all public places like theaters, bus stations, railway stations, airports, government building and in private sectors like offices, shops, malls and many other places. These have become the back bone of security system. Even if there are guards on the duty, there will be CCTV cameras as one can skip from the eyes of a human but not from a machine that don’t shut its eyes even for a second.
After you have decided on the CCTV monitors, choose the appropriate monitors. The monitor should be able to go on for 24 hours daily. And highmight LCD CCTV monitor is specially designed for all day 24 hours continuous working under high load.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Highmight Advertising Player

Advertising Player

You can find advertising player in metro, mall, super market and McDonald and so on. Of course, different ad player have different industrial design, features and solution, etc. And there are kinds of advertising player in market. I’m glad to introduce a professional LCD advertising player manufacture to you which named Highmihgt.
First, let me show you the advantage of highmight advertising player.

*   Adopt professional digital processing engine, the motion detection, compensation operation, interpolation arithmetic, edge smoothing processing and 3 d filtering separation TNR noise reduction technology, clutter signal suppression and advanced processing technology to realize high quality, high resolution, improve the sawtooth and edge migration.
*   Using Mstar ACE - 5 automatic color and image enhancement engine to improve image contrast, details, color. The edge luminance and resolution are good.
*   Industrial grade A+ LCD panel, higher performance. Over 60,000 hours lifespan, 7x24 hours working.
*   Real time remote control of all network ad player terminals through LAN, WiFi or 3G
*   Support SD card and 2.5inch hard drives or CF cards,
*   10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet and WiFi (802.11b/g) interfaces
*   The server can monitor play list and node information can be instant to send the rolling subtitles information to terminal for playing.
*   Play advertisement contents as per the pre-set play list after internet disconnection
*   Support horizontal and vertical play and 180 degrees swivel
*   Automatically play in loop when the ad player starts, Support memory record after power cut
*   Support S/W update and upgrade through USB drive
*   Support local files copy and deletion and USB files update
*   Various pictures and subtitles optional to play, self-defined video area available
*   Plug & play USB connection to update advertisement contents
*   Support play modes of single repeat, folder loop, all discs (drives) loop
*   Support pictures swivel, Zoom in/zoom out and parallel move, able to play ppt. pictures and background music
Now, I bet you’ve found that Highmight is a professional and quality LCD Advertising player manufacture. Therefore, if you need ad player or other display device, you can visit www.highmight.net .
You can get what you want.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to choose advertising player?

Advertising Player
Maybe you’ve found more and more advertising player (or signage) used in our daily life. The advertising player can be used in metro, airport, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, school, bank and other places of releasing advertising and information. Then how to choose a right and quality advertising player? Let me show you show you 6 guidelines you should obey while you choose advertising player.

1.       Excellent image quality: High brightness , high contrast ratio, support up to full HD 1080p, which enables it present advertisement pictures perfectly even under strong light.
2.       Attractive housing design: Attractive housing design, vandal-proof, anti-sunlight and customized designs.
3.       Easy operation: USB ports and SD card slots are available for users easy operation. Internet connection is to provide users remote control.
4.       Plug and play: Plug and play function allows users change the storage device of the contents easily.
5.       Flexible installation: Embedded mount, wall mount, floor standing and multiple screens combination installation methods can be chosen according to different installation places or/and requirements.
6.       Intelligent quiet fan design: Industrial quiet fan design standard, super quiet cooling fan design and longer lifespan.

Then where I can get an advertising player like this? Highmight advertising player will be your best bet. And all of them are made of industrial LCD panel
HMT multimedia advertising player is a kind of new generation intelligent equipment which realizes information display and video advertisement broadcasting through internet and multimedia system control. HMT newly launched LCD multimedia advertising player is made of industrial grade A plus Samsung or LG LCD panel. It enjoys advanced decoding technology and is able to play full HD 1080p advertisement pictures. It features attractive housing design, excellent image quality, easy operation and flexible installation. It must be able to meet your diversified advertisement demands and present your contents perfectly.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's about Highmight LCD CCTV monitor?

LCD monitors were used in our daily life. Maybe you do not see it, but it was there. Let me show you a quality LCD monitor manufacture named Highmight to you.

HMT LCD CCTV monitor is made of the most excellent Samsung DID LCD panel. It enjoys features of high brightness, high sharpness, wide view angle and color spectrum, rich color reproduction, high stability and long lifespan, light weight, no harmful radiation, low power consumption, etc…, and it is able to re-present the real picture of security surveillance. HMT LCD CCTV monitor has gradually become the main trend of the terminal display devices and the best choice of security surveillance equipments and devices.
LCD CCTV monitor

The advantages of Highmight product:

Made of industrial LCD panel
Metal housing design: Metal housing design is to improve ventilation and make the device able to work under bad condition. Moreover, it can reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference and harmful radiation.
HDMI full high definition interface: HDMI input is to realize digital RGB transmission between the input sources and the monitor. HDMI input can present perfect sharp and clear image without any attenuation.
24 hours continuous working design: HMT LCD CCTV monitor is specially designed for all day 24 hours continuous working under high load.
Pixel Shift function: According to the need of long lifespan of LCD CCTV monitor in the security surveillance industry, Pixel Shift function is specially designed to prevent image from sticking and prolong lifespan of LCD CCTV monitor.
Green environmental design: HMT LCD CCTV monitor has green environmental design to meet ROHS standard, no harmful radiation.
High brightness: Brightness of HMT LCD CCTV monitor is even, stable, no noise. Maximum brightness can reach 700cd/m², which is far better than other display devices. It can be visible even under strong sunlight.
High contrast ratio: HMT LCD CCTV monitor enjoys maximum contrast ratio of 4500:1, which makes the sharpness, texture and gray layers of image quality raise to an ultra high level.
Wide view angle: HMT LCD CCTV monitor adopts PVA Patterned Vertical Alignment technology, which makes the view angle of the monitor reach 178°above both in vertical and horizontal axis.
Stability and reliability HMT LCD CCTV monitor is specially designed for security surveillance, exhibition and other special professional applications. It can support continuous working, 7x24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HMT LCD CCTV monitor enjoys low power consumption design and its’ lifespan can reach 60,000 hours above.

Strict testing
HMT adopts professional Altera Quartus9.1 LCD testing software to execute 100% test of each LCD panel.
Bad dot test: Bad dot testing standard: no bright dot under background of all black, bright dot is evenly distributed under background of all white, dark dot numbers must be less than 3 and there must be no 2 neighboring bad dots. Test method: use single color as background.
Contrast ratio test: Use gray bar as comparison example to test the contrast ratio. Test standard: higher contrast ratio, higher sharpness of image, richer color texture.
Color test: Use color bar as comparison example to test the color. The color must be displayed in a rich, real and clear way.
Resolution test: Use black and white pattern example to test resolution, check and see whether the vertical and horizontal resolutions are true and there is color difference or not.
Response time test: Use instant picture and mobile square example to test the response time of the LCD monitor.
If you need LCD CCTV monitor, Highmight will be your best bet.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why choose Highmight LCD video Wall?

You can found LCD video wall in KTV, club, TOCC, and so on. Highmight is a professional LCD video wall manufacture, and it will be your best bet.
Highmight (HMT) LCD video Wall used the Industrial DID LCD Panel, so it have many great advantages, let me show it to you.
High sharpness: HMT LCD video wall is made of Samsung industrial DID LCD Panel made in Korea. It’s high resolution design provide customers a super high resolution, super large area LCD video wall , the optimal resolution of the whole LCD video wall can reach full HD 1920*1080.
High contrast ratio: HMT DID LCD video wall enjoys maximum contrast ratio of 4500:1, which makes the sharpness, texture and gray layers of image quality raise to an ultra high level.
High brightness: Brightness of HMT LCD video wall is even, stable and no noise. Maximum brightness can reach 700cd/m², which is far better than other display devices. It can be visible even under strong light.
Super narrow bezel design: HMT LCD video wall adopts super narrow bezel design, maximum inter-screen gap can be 5.5mm only. It not only enjoys super large area display but also advantages of light weight and thin thickness.
Stability and reliability: HMT LCD video wall is specially designed for entertainment, security surveillance, exhibition and other special professional applications. It can support continuous working, 7x24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Environment protection: HMT LCD video wall is a kind of sophisticated environmental protection LCD curtain. It enjoys the features of low power consumption, small heat release, no harmful radiation, no flicker and eye care.
As long as LCD video wall displays one image on multiple screens. Due to the difference between each unit screen, the color of image on each unit screen may be not same. If you find out that there is color difference of image on each unit screen, it will affect the display effect.
And we have solved this problem, Hmt own patent Automatic color adjustment algorithm technology allows users adjust color of each unit screen via color numbers of embedded system simulation standard of each unit screen. Users just need to click the mouse to operate color adjustment to adjust color difference and ensure the consistency of color on each unit screen and make the color natural and look real.
Moreover, HMT intelligent ventilation system ensures that the lifespan of hmt LCD video wall can reach MTBF 60,000 hours above. Perfect splicing and combination effect is able to eliminate and reduce viewers’ feeling of visual separation at a maximum extent and let you enjoy 180 degree full angle natural dynamic super sharp and clear visual experience.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's about Highmight?

Shenzhen Highmight Technology Co., Ltd. is a China professional industrial LCD monitor, LCD video wall & LCD multimedia advertising player manufacturer. Our industrial LCD monitors include a wide range of CCTV LCD monitor, touch screen LCD monitor, open frame touch screen LCD monitor and LCD monitor for health care use.
Our factory was founded in 2004 and specialized in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of LCD and LED video products, covering an area of approximate 3000 square meters, enjoying over 150 employees. We have passed ISO9001:2008 and CE, ROHS, FCC, CCC, ICE, MA
certifications and strictly execute ISO9001:2008 international quality management system to ensure product quality reliability and high performance. Over 10% of our annual sales amount is invested in our R&D department to improve engineers’ working conditions, purchase sophisticated test equipments and increase research and development fund to develop high and new technologies. We have finished development of our state-of-the-art 3D glasses-free multimedia advertising players and 3D glasses-free gapless video walls by the end of 2011.

Industrial grade A+ LCD panels are used in all our products, metal housings are designed and fixed on all our products to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference, all raw materials are 100% tested to keep our defect rate under 0.1% below, and 48 hours aging test is executed to ensure reliability and durability of our products.

Our brand is hmt, a fast growing new brand in China. With year’s development, we now enjoy lots of customers nationwide and from the rest of the world. Our A/S team provides customers consultation, technological support and installation guides services.

Highmight has been devoted its’ effort to offer customers high added value products since it’s’ establishment. To provide customers high quality product at most reasonable cost is our permanent mission to pursue.