Thursday, December 27, 2012

Standalone digital signage

42 inch digital signage

Digital signage is a form of electronic display software that displays information, advertising and various other messages. You can found standalone digital signage, network digital signage and all-in-one digital signage in the market. And today, we’re just talked about the first one: Standalone digital signage.
This can be an indoor digital poster or an outdoor LCD enclosure that is equipped with a standalone media player. These range of products have many advantages, firstly the cost is very attractive and secondly they are easy to configure with little if any technical knowledge required.
Working from a media player that has the adverts loaded on to a memory card and it locked into the player allows for fast and affordable signage solutions, to update the content you can either add fresh content to a new memory card and then swap them for the old memory card or the content can be added to a flash drive that is then plugged into the media players USB port and the copy the content to the memory card already in the player.
The digital signage produced by Highmight support play modes of single repeat, folder loop, all discs (drives) loop, and you can choose the play modes you need. You can use the SD card and 2.5inch hard drives or CF cards to storage the playing content. Moreover, it adopt professional digital processing engine, the motion detection, compensation operation, interpolation arithmetic, edge smoothing processing and 3D filtering separation TNR noise reduction technology, clutter signal suppression and advanced processing technology to realize high quality, high resolution, improve the sawtooth and edge migration.
So, if you need the digital signage, get it from Highmight. Of course, digital signage also called advertising player.

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