Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you know CCTV?

47 inch CCTV monitor

Do you know CCTV? CCTV monitors stands for closed circuit television and refers to transmitting a signal to specific monitors. The sets of the monitors who get the signal from a camera CCTV are specific and limited in scope. Unlike television, a security camera closed circuit television does not convey the airwaves.
They are used in banks just to be assured about the safety of bank and the money of people from robbers. People are also using it in their homes to keep an eye on the trespassers nearby their home. Super markets use them to catch shop lifters and ensure the safety of their store and product. There is one more good use of CCTV cameras. These are in traffic, on roads, when people try to break the rule or cause accidents. The vehicle with its number is recorded in the camera with can be later used by the police to catch the defaulter.
A classical CCTV monitors systems consist of a camera connected to a monitor with coaxial cable. This cable also carries the power needed for the camera. This is called a line powered camera. The Pye Observation System was such a system and was popular during the early days of CCTV. It was affordable and could be set up with a minimum of difficulty. The next big step in the technology was allowing for four cameras to be connected to the monitor simultaneously. The view could be programmed to cycle through the available cameras or go to a particular camera chosen by the user.
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