Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Needs promote the developments of LCD video Wall

46 inch LCD video wall NightClub

There were 2 key points technical indicators for LCD video Wall.Firststability; Second, inner-screen gap. As we all know, most of LCD video wall are used in security surveillance, so the stability is very important. And the sensitive to inner-screen depend on the experience of intuitive picture viewing and some special application such as the command and dispatch of metro.

The inner-screen gap has reduced to 5.5 mm from 1-2 cm after the LCD video wall launched on the market in several years. It’s amazing. Even though the inner-screen gap of main stream LCD video wall is only 4.7 mm, it’s also have a large gap when it compared to DLP (1 mm). This why the LCD video wall can’t entered into the high-end market and the market share can’t exceed 50%. And it’s also the challenge LCD video wall need to face.

With the development of information technology, the differential display needs becoming widely. And it will promote the development of LCD video wall. So the manufacture of LCD video wall must ready for a continued market, application and service.

You know, the needs always can promote the developments of the tech. And LCD video wall is no exception.

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