Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's about Highmight LCD CCTV monitor?

LCD monitors were used in our daily life. Maybe you do not see it, but it was there. Let me show you a quality LCD monitor manufacture named Highmight to you.

HMT LCD CCTV monitor is made of the most excellent Samsung DID LCD panel. It enjoys features of high brightness, high sharpness, wide view angle and color spectrum, rich color reproduction, high stability and long lifespan, light weight, no harmful radiation, low power consumption, etc…, and it is able to re-present the real picture of security surveillance. HMT LCD CCTV monitor has gradually become the main trend of the terminal display devices and the best choice of security surveillance equipments and devices.
LCD CCTV monitor

The advantages of Highmight product:

Made of industrial LCD panel
Metal housing design: Metal housing design is to improve ventilation and make the device able to work under bad condition. Moreover, it can reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference and harmful radiation.
HDMI full high definition interface: HDMI input is to realize digital RGB transmission between the input sources and the monitor. HDMI input can present perfect sharp and clear image without any attenuation.
24 hours continuous working design: HMT LCD CCTV monitor is specially designed for all day 24 hours continuous working under high load.
Pixel Shift function: According to the need of long lifespan of LCD CCTV monitor in the security surveillance industry, Pixel Shift function is specially designed to prevent image from sticking and prolong lifespan of LCD CCTV monitor.
Green environmental design: HMT LCD CCTV monitor has green environmental design to meet ROHS standard, no harmful radiation.
High brightness: Brightness of HMT LCD CCTV monitor is even, stable, no noise. Maximum brightness can reach 700cd/m², which is far better than other display devices. It can be visible even under strong sunlight.
High contrast ratio: HMT LCD CCTV monitor enjoys maximum contrast ratio of 4500:1, which makes the sharpness, texture and gray layers of image quality raise to an ultra high level.
Wide view angle: HMT LCD CCTV monitor adopts PVA Patterned Vertical Alignment technology, which makes the view angle of the monitor reach 178°above both in vertical and horizontal axis.
Stability and reliability HMT LCD CCTV monitor is specially designed for security surveillance, exhibition and other special professional applications. It can support continuous working, 7x24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HMT LCD CCTV monitor enjoys low power consumption design and its’ lifespan can reach 60,000 hours above.

Strict testing
HMT adopts professional Altera Quartus9.1 LCD testing software to execute 100% test of each LCD panel.
Bad dot test: Bad dot testing standard: no bright dot under background of all black, bright dot is evenly distributed under background of all white, dark dot numbers must be less than 3 and there must be no 2 neighboring bad dots. Test method: use single color as background.
Contrast ratio test: Use gray bar as comparison example to test the contrast ratio. Test standard: higher contrast ratio, higher sharpness of image, richer color texture.
Color test: Use color bar as comparison example to test the color. The color must be displayed in a rich, real and clear way.
Resolution test: Use black and white pattern example to test resolution, check and see whether the vertical and horizontal resolutions are true and there is color difference or not.
Response time test: Use instant picture and mobile square example to test the response time of the LCD monitor.
If you need LCD CCTV monitor, Highmight will be your best bet.

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