Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why choose Highmight LCD video Wall?

You can found LCD video wall in KTV, club, TOCC, and so on. Highmight is a professional LCD video wall manufacture, and it will be your best bet.
Highmight (HMT) LCD video Wall used the Industrial DID LCD Panel, so it have many great advantages, let me show it to you.
High sharpness: HMT LCD video wall is made of Samsung industrial DID LCD Panel made in Korea. It’s high resolution design provide customers a super high resolution, super large area LCD video wall , the optimal resolution of the whole LCD video wall can reach full HD 1920*1080.
High contrast ratio: HMT DID LCD video wall enjoys maximum contrast ratio of 4500:1, which makes the sharpness, texture and gray layers of image quality raise to an ultra high level.
High brightness: Brightness of HMT LCD video wall is even, stable and no noise. Maximum brightness can reach 700cd/m², which is far better than other display devices. It can be visible even under strong light.
Super narrow bezel design: HMT LCD video wall adopts super narrow bezel design, maximum inter-screen gap can be 5.5mm only. It not only enjoys super large area display but also advantages of light weight and thin thickness.
Stability and reliability: HMT LCD video wall is specially designed for entertainment, security surveillance, exhibition and other special professional applications. It can support continuous working, 7x24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Environment protection: HMT LCD video wall is a kind of sophisticated environmental protection LCD curtain. It enjoys the features of low power consumption, small heat release, no harmful radiation, no flicker and eye care.
As long as LCD video wall displays one image on multiple screens. Due to the difference between each unit screen, the color of image on each unit screen may be not same. If you find out that there is color difference of image on each unit screen, it will affect the display effect.
And we have solved this problem, Hmt own patent Automatic color adjustment algorithm technology allows users adjust color of each unit screen via color numbers of embedded system simulation standard of each unit screen. Users just need to click the mouse to operate color adjustment to adjust color difference and ensure the consistency of color on each unit screen and make the color natural and look real.
Moreover, HMT intelligent ventilation system ensures that the lifespan of hmt LCD video wall can reach MTBF 60,000 hours above. Perfect splicing and combination effect is able to eliminate and reduce viewers’ feeling of visual separation at a maximum extent and let you enjoy 180 degree full angle natural dynamic super sharp and clear visual experience.

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