Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to choose advertising player?

Advertising Player
Maybe you’ve found more and more advertising player (or signage) used in our daily life. The advertising player can be used in metro, airport, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, school, bank and other places of releasing advertising and information. Then how to choose a right and quality advertising player? Let me show you show you 6 guidelines you should obey while you choose advertising player.

1.       Excellent image quality: High brightness , high contrast ratio, support up to full HD 1080p, which enables it present advertisement pictures perfectly even under strong light.
2.       Attractive housing design: Attractive housing design, vandal-proof, anti-sunlight and customized designs.
3.       Easy operation: USB ports and SD card slots are available for users easy operation. Internet connection is to provide users remote control.
4.       Plug and play: Plug and play function allows users change the storage device of the contents easily.
5.       Flexible installation: Embedded mount, wall mount, floor standing and multiple screens combination installation methods can be chosen according to different installation places or/and requirements.
6.       Intelligent quiet fan design: Industrial quiet fan design standard, super quiet cooling fan design and longer lifespan.

Then where I can get an advertising player like this? Highmight advertising player will be your best bet. And all of them are made of industrial LCD panel
HMT multimedia advertising player is a kind of new generation intelligent equipment which realizes information display and video advertisement broadcasting through internet and multimedia system control. HMT newly launched LCD multimedia advertising player is made of industrial grade A plus Samsung or LG LCD panel. It enjoys advanced decoding technology and is able to play full HD 1080p advertisement pictures. It features attractive housing design, excellent image quality, easy operation and flexible installation. It must be able to meet your diversified advertisement demands and present your contents perfectly.

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