Friday, October 19, 2012

Highmight Advertising Player

Advertising Player

You can find advertising player in metro, mall, super market and McDonald and so on. Of course, different ad player have different industrial design, features and solution, etc. And there are kinds of advertising player in market. I’m glad to introduce a professional LCD advertising player manufacture to you which named Highmihgt.
First, let me show you the advantage of highmight advertising player.

*   Adopt professional digital processing engine, the motion detection, compensation operation, interpolation arithmetic, edge smoothing processing and 3 d filtering separation TNR noise reduction technology, clutter signal suppression and advanced processing technology to realize high quality, high resolution, improve the sawtooth and edge migration.
*   Using Mstar ACE - 5 automatic color and image enhancement engine to improve image contrast, details, color. The edge luminance and resolution are good.
*   Industrial grade A+ LCD panel, higher performance. Over 60,000 hours lifespan, 7x24 hours working.
*   Real time remote control of all network ad player terminals through LAN, WiFi or 3G
*   Support SD card and 2.5inch hard drives or CF cards,
*   10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet and WiFi (802.11b/g) interfaces
*   The server can monitor play list and node information can be instant to send the rolling subtitles information to terminal for playing.
*   Play advertisement contents as per the pre-set play list after internet disconnection
*   Support horizontal and vertical play and 180 degrees swivel
*   Automatically play in loop when the ad player starts, Support memory record after power cut
*   Support S/W update and upgrade through USB drive
*   Support local files copy and deletion and USB files update
*   Various pictures and subtitles optional to play, self-defined video area available
*   Plug & play USB connection to update advertisement contents
*   Support play modes of single repeat, folder loop, all discs (drives) loop
*   Support pictures swivel, Zoom in/zoom out and parallel move, able to play ppt. pictures and background music
Now, I bet you’ve found that Highmight is a professional and quality LCD Advertising player manufacture. Therefore, if you need ad player or other display device, you can visit .
You can get what you want.

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